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How To Build Your Own Dating App?

Dating apps have been around us for almost a decade now and they aren’t leaving us anytime soon. Dating culture, however, is continuously expanding, and with this, the dating app market is expanding too. Yes, there are already well-established dating apps in the market but, there is always scope for fresh and new dating apps to capture the market and steal the show. So, if you are someone who’s looking forward to creating your own dating app this is the right place for you. So, let’s quickly get started.

How Do Dating Apps Work?

Before understanding how to build a dating app, let’s understand the basic functioning of dating apps. Almost all the dating apps are location-based. Usually, the dating apps are built on a two-process algorithm function. The first part is where users see their ‘Potential matches’ based on the real-time location. The main reason behind this algorithm is that it makes it a lot easier for both people to meet and connect easily in real-life. However, users can increase or decrease the range of their matches. Now, coming to the second algorithm, this one’s a little complicated and varies from app to app.

And, just like this, there are various other types of algorithms like categorizing people into similar groups based on their behavior analysis and so on. There is no ‘correct’ algorithm for dating apps as dealing with human preferences and emotions is not possible with anyone or even a set of algorithms.

Steps To Build a Dating App

  1. Competition Study

The market is flooded with dating apps from tinder to bumble. But, if you want your dating app to be the best amongst them and stand out, then it’s important for you to do proper R&D and analysis of your competitor’s. This will help you have a better understanding of your competitor’s reason for success and failures, which in turn can help you avoid the detours and make a successful dating app. Take a closer look at their features, and figure out what they are doing differently. All the apps are more or less the same, with minor differences. And these minor differences are what sets them apart. So, make sure to have a concrete idea.

  1. Know the matching algorithm

Most of the dating app builders believe that at the end of the day it’s the algorithm that brings people together. But that’s not the case all the time. A recent study revealed that 64% of people said that they look for a match based on common interests and 49% of people go for attractive looks. Many developers are now experimenting with artificial intelligence in dating apps.

  1. Top-notch Security

Without proper security, platforms like dating apps can easily become a playground for creeps and cheats. So, irrespective of the factor that the app is for IOS or Android, you need to ensure it is safe to use for all. You need to follow through with a proper safety checklist like user verification, number verification can also help in ensuring people about the credibility and legitimacy of the app.

  1. List of must-have features

To make a good dating app like Bumble or Tinder, it is important that you incorporate some features in your mobile application.

  • Verification System

A verification system is undoubtedly the most important feature to have. If you want to build a good app where people actually come and engage then you have to make sure there are proper security and verification in place to avoid creeps or fraudsters. This not only makes the platform safe but also wins the trust of users.

  • In-app Messaging

Having a dating app without a messaging feature is pointless. This feature helps users to connect with each other and plan dates and meet-ups and explore their potential relationships.

  • Undoing swipe or like

Many times people mistakenly swipe left when they wanted to swipe right and vice-versa. It is better to give them a chance to undo their mistake. This will increase their chances of taking a shot on someone they would’ve missed out on in the first place.

  • See the preference

For a lot of people not having or having the same preferences is a deal-breaker. So, it makes it a whole lot easier if users can see the basic preferences of other people to make an informed decision. Also, this might help them initiate a perfect ice-breaking conversation.

  • Push Notifications

Got a new match? Show this on push notifications. It can be a little annoying at times but if done the right way, it can actually help in increasing user engagement along with app usage.

  1. Technology

Making a dating app has its own set of responsibilities. Whether you choose to go for an IOS app development or an android app development the technology and tools to be used are important. You can have it all pre-decided or you can also hire a mobile app development company for your dating app project and then make the final decision on what best suits your needs and requirements.

  1. Cost

The cost of building a dating app depends on a lot of factors like the features, platform being used, type of technology being deployed, and many more.

So, make a proper plan and set a budget, and accordingly, you can easily self-build if you have the right knowledge and skills or even outsource it to a good mobile app development company. And, voila! You’re all set to launch your own mobile dating app. And who knows maybe a lonely person is waiting to meet their perfect match on your dating app!

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The Do’s And Don’ts of Building a Reliable and Functional Food Ordering App

Remember the times when ordering food from outside meant sending a member of the group to the nearest ‘family restaurant’ and waiting in queue for long hours before you could get hold of the ordered food? No? Well, neither do many of the millennials!The popularity of food ordering apps has only increased in recent times, yet the convenience created by these apps has completely wiped out the memory of times when laziness was not really a luxury bestowed upon people on weekends!

The huge success of food apps has motivated the entry of competitors in the market and this has created a huge buzz around the question of what all it takes to develop a successful food ordering app. If you are planning to hire a Mobile App Development Company for developing a similar app, feel free to discuss some relevant dos and don’ts.

Testing the platforms for your business model Before jumping on to the conclusions, you must do your homework earnestly. The development of a food ordering app can be done at two levels- the aggregator model and the food delivery platform model.While the aggregator model is suited for start-ups with a substantial investment and basically serves as a link between the restaurant and its customers. Apps based on this model only convey the information about the placement of the order to the restaurant and then the delivery service of the restaurant is responsible for the timely delivery of the order to the customers.Coming to the food delivery platforms, well they found in large numbers as these require little investment and cover masses. A food delivery model is based on creating and offering logistics support so that small ventures and food joints can also ensure home delivery of their food.

Local testing A food app requires a decent amount of investment and even if you have succeeded in raising the required funds in the initial period, you cannot risk the entire amount by making a wrong investment decision.Testing the efficacy of the app becomes quite important as it allows you to make certain changes and improvements accordingly. Take the example of the famous Indian food delivery app Zomato which began its operations in one of the cities of Delhi and gradually spread to other metro cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru etc.

Success lies in the details Reading in between the lines becomes extremely essential when it comes to launching an app on a large scale. Before launching an app, perform extensive market research to find out what kind of food delivery app you would want. You can choose to deliver from your own restaurants like pizza hut and dominoes or can go for a platform interface like Foodpanda or would want to create a niche of your own.Thereafter, you can match the feasibility of app development with the available resources and can choose to hire an android, windows or ios Development Company.
So, get ready to travel through your customer’s hearts through their stomachs!

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Advantages Of Launching E-commerce To Your Business

The internet has made its existence proven by becoming a household name for every person and business. Smart businessmen are prospering their work by introducing e-commerce to their businesses. E-commerce refers to buying and selling of goods or services through the internet. Seeing the success of e-commerce in businesses even newbies are trying their luck by launching websites that sell products or services they tend to offer. Converting your business into an e-commerce setup would require great effort and attractive design. Research for a good e-commerce website development agency will yield fruitful result in the future.

After launching your e-commerce website efficiently, the next step would be to pursue the correct marketing strategy for turning your simple website into a top-notch business. You can make use of some good e-commerce website marketing agency to use their knowledge and expertise. Being a widespread option now, let us dig into the advantages you receive when opting for e-commerce in your business venture.

  1. Larger customer-base– The sellers or the website owners can reach a wider range of customers as they have now turned global. Both the seller and consumer don’t need to meet in the real world and can place an order or complete a transaction without any location hindrance.
  2. Availability 24×7 – The best advantage is the availability of the products 24×7 for customers. They now have access to the products whenever they feel like shopping as there are no closing hours like a real-time shop.
  3. Direct communication– An e-commerce setup would allow direct communication between the owner and the customer without any intermediaries. This facilitates quicker communication and transactions.
  4. Varieties of options to choose from– With the increasing number of e-commerce websites, a customer is at gain as he is served with a variety of options to make a comparison and then purchase wisely.
  5. Attract new customers– An easy way of attracting new customers is by search engine visibility. This can be achieved by incorporating techniques that can increase the chance of your business being spotted. This supplementary source of consumer traffic can be considered as icing on the cake.
  6. Lower Costs- One of the most tangible advantage in an e-commerce website is the comparatively lowered cost that can be very beneficiary for the customer’s part. Reduced personnel, cost-effective marketing strategy contributes to the cost-cutting part of an e-commerce website. A hefty discount can thus be given to the customers which will, in turn, popularize your website.
  7. Products paired with plentiful information- In the real-world business, it is not possible to describe the complete details of the product or services available. However, an e-commerce website owner provides complete details of the products or services o that the customer is completely satisfied with the purchase.
  8. Tracking the buyer’s habit- With everything going online, it becomes very simple to keep track of the buyer’s choices and further customize the options available for them. This reduces redundancy and helps in building a long-term relationship with the customer.
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How to Choose the Best Features for Your Mobile App?

These days it is necessary to have a good app to make a competitive presence in the business. The mobile presence starts by converting a regular website into responsive until a business builds the fully mobile app for itself.

It is necessary to secure certain things while developing and releasinga  mobile app for your enterprise. The most important feature of mobile application development is determining and prioritizing the app feature. Moreover, there are certain features that most business apps constantly demand all the time.

With the help of this article, let us look deep into how to choose the best features for your mobile application.

Do good research:

Certain factors like competition, trends in the market, failures make it mandatory to do some serious research. Even, it is good to have thorough research on the available technologies and sources to fulfil the aim. Beforethat, good to plan all the things for building the app.

Determining the direction:

Before developing a mobile app, define the purpose of the site. In that mention the main motive of building an app and how users are benefited by it? Without setting the purpose, you are not able to obtain the product. Once you define the purpose, you can easily approach the user requirement.

Select and Prioritize some features:

Now you need to secure the most important features for your website. Prioritize them based on the importance of your aspired purpose. The one way to do is by making a list of requirements and settingfeatures for each one of them. Once you have prepared a list based on the priority, it is time to pick the tools and technologies to create and accomplish them for the website.

Modest end-user experience:

For websiteexploration, simplicityand userfriendliness are two policies.Developers need to approach the barrierand beneficial traits of the platform. The time is important for performing a definite task to get overwhelmed. A simple app with features is inclined to ensure maximum ease of use and the most concise time for finishing tasks.For instance, the users should be capable to easily find the product and achieve the transaction effortlessly.

Routine updates:

To enhance the app,it is good to make the app better each day by refreshing features and lots of other things after the periodic interval. It is good to make sure that your app has all the features that users look for. Whatever your app has should benefit the users in one or another way.If you look at the most successful apps,you are obliged to understand that they grow with frequent updates.

At last, the most important thing for a business app is to give required personal information in a quickly availablemanner.The information should not only be visible but assumed to be ready for calling or emailing. The other most importantthing is to have helpful sachatbot for providing instant help to users with many e-commerce and business apps these days.

After discussing all the above- mentioned points in details Now the question arises, Is it hard to find a good Mobile app development company in San Francisco, Top app development company in San Francisco that can help you to transform your ideas into reality by creating a useful app with all required features to attract your target people effortlessly. It is good to know more about different apps and user’s perspectives and developing an app without research is of no use.

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Cloud app vs. web app: Understanding the differences

The question is whether the terms cloud app and web app are identical?No, they are not although they are very similar. The line between cloud and web app remains indistinct as ever. This is of course due to natural similarities that exist between them.There are some of the differences between both the terms especially when looking to leverage cloud apps for the richer user and seamless integration.

Here, we have helped you in understanding the differences and benefits.

Cloud app

The cloud app is the evolved web app for most of us.Its main purpose is to access online services over the internet just like web applications, but the difference is that they are not dependent exclusively on web browsers to work. The cloud app can be solely available over the web browser by the service provider, but the web interface is used by them as alternative access methods to the custom-built cloud app for online services.

The features of cloud apps are characterized by advanced features such as:

Data gets easily stored in a cloud

One can easily cache the data locally for full-offline mode

It supports different users’ requirement like data backup, security, backup schedule.

It can be used from web browsers and all the custom apps installed on the devices connected with the internet like mobile phones.

With its help, one can access a wider range of services like on-demand computing cycle, storage, application development platforms

Web apps

On the other hand, web apps are the most exclusively designed app to be used from a web browser. To develop such applications the script like JavaScript, Adobe Flashis used to develop the web application. The dependency of web browser is on the webserver components that are installed on backend infrastructure systems to provide core functional web services. The most beneficial point is that these applications are accessible from anywhere via the web browser.


The application service provider exploit advantages about web app building framework technologies for greater customer reach. However, these technologies are not optimized for building new apps for the cloud era.In the sense cloud apps are web apps that can be used through web browsers but not all the apps are cloud apps.Most of the software vendors use web apps to sell cloud apps due to the latest buzz-word technology, but web apps do not provide the same benefit in terms of functionality and customization. So, it is advised buyers to be aware.

Many software application vendors think that if  their application runs on the web, this automatically acts as part of the cloud app, but they are wrong.This is not always the case. To evolve your web app,it needs to fulfilcertain properties such asmulti-tenancy support various requirements & needs for consumers.Keep one thing in mind that web applicationshould either be built to support this or re-engineered to do so.

The good news is that all the vendors who are looking to shift into the cloud app space now have a good platform and framework to choose and work. There is no point that you are shifting from an existing web app or even starting from scratch the role of the platform is important. Nowadays, cloud apps are affordable, and one can easily develop an application by reducing time to market and software development complexities.

So, if you are also thinking to develop web/cloud application the first step is to find a Mobile app development company in San Francisco, Top app Development Company.

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Features Every Mobile E-Commerce App Needs to Have

E-commerce apps are becoming a lifestyle choice, as people find it much easier to shop online than to visit retail stores. Even those who visit the stores use mobile applications to check reviews and compare prices. So, we can say that nowadays e-commerce apps are an easy way to do online shopping.

Now you can imagine how useful is the e-commerce platform. It is very common to go for an e-commerce app and the only difference between arethe features it has. Whatsoever the features are, must be able to provide the best user experience to the customers.

Here, in this article, we have explained different Features that Every Mobile E-Commerce App Needs to Have.

1. Registration process

The registration feature of an e-commerce app irritates the users if in case it is too complex or too long. You make sure that users can easily register themselves smoothly in your app. Now, with time everything in the world is becoming simpler and if your registration process is complex and difficult then users will lose the interest. Try only to expect little information from the user end to attract maximum users.

2. Support numerous payment options

Every customer who wishes lots of things from your app but does not get an easy payment option will leave the app altogether. So, try to have multiple options so that users can easily pay the money. Payment is one of the things for which users are unconvinced since it involves personal detail and detail of a bank account.They will trust only on the payment mode they use in other apps like net banking,credit card, debit card, and more.

3. Push notifications

The push notification is one of the features of every e-commerce app used to drive sales. It acts as a constant reminder for the customers while launching any new product. It is the best way to generate more sales since it informs people about various offers and discounts. According to research, it is found that most of the users visit the app on seeing push notification sent to their mobile and therefore the push notification feature has gained importance in the e-commerce app

4. Custom branding

It is necessary to have custom branding notification on your mobile app. With this visual coordination, the app looks more attractive as well as have an aesthetic look. When you are going for android app development, iOS app development or mobile app development includes features based on customer’s or users’ points of view.

5. Social media integration

In the technology world, social media is the strongest tool, and integrating it into your app will help users to login, register, and share product details. It is the most important mobile e-commerce feature and benefits provided by it are not limited so users can share discount codes or promotional campaigns on their social media. Social media mode is beneficial to create awareness about the brand hence improving sales.

.6. Great user experience

There is no shortage of different apps in the market so that is why users can easily leave your app on finding it useless. Just imagine the importance of UI UX for your app. When users use your app, they should find it haste best app with unique and better features than others. The conclusion is that anyone spending time and money on your app should find it useful and worthy.

At last, all the above mentioned are some compulsory features that every e-commerce app should have to improve brand name and attract your customers.

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Critical Factor Your Clients Should Know About Their Website

When you got hired to design and build a website, then there are certain things your client expects from you, as they think that they are investing in their organization. The role of a website is important for the growth and future success of their company. Although things are not viewed in such away every time, but some clients expect to know what you are doing and in what way you are doing?

In this article,we have explained the most important things that you need to tell your client about their website.

Their Website Is Not a One-Off Purchase

Most of the developersand designers after completion of the development part made a mistake to think that website is ready and expects no more changes.With the experience, they get to know how wrong they were before. To with-stand in comparison to competitor websites, one needs to continuallyevolve.There may be a time when you update new content to reflect what a  business is currently doing and what they did when the site was under maintenance. Withthe change in technology, some things need to be upgraded timely to improve functionality and user experience.

This concept applies to every type of website despite certain websites that have just brochures. But the client does not see their websites as an evolving product. Instead, they view it as something they paid once to use it forever.

The Designers Can Help to Change Views

The next thing after development is how a web designer communicates with the client. At first, it is all about getting project requirements and then guiding a client about the designing part which is crucial as they have eager to know about the building and designing process. Most of the time they face some challenges and it is the duty of a designer to help them throughout. Which means, one to stay alert all the time even after developing an application as issues can arise anytime. The client look sat the website, as a thing on which they have invested for one or another reason so they do not want any issues in that.It is our duty to educate the client about the website and help them in case a website requires routine maintenance.

Sometimes, a Change Is Needed

Sometime the software you used may seem perfect, but it may not last as the things change if there is variation in the development process. The application prepared by the third-party vanishes with time during an update in the technology. So, it is necessary to find a suitable alternative and make a switch if anything occurs during the development of a client application. The most common example is a website that was prepared a year ago can experience this scenario. It is frustrating for everyone even the client so better to make things clear to the client earlier so that if anything happens with their website they do not panic and understand the things patiently.

The Web Moves Quickly

Most of the people know that technology keeps on changing and evolves at a break-neck speed. Any person who has purchased a smartphone mostly the expensive one has to figure out what to do if it becomes outdated. Similarly, websites are not different. Just think the CMS you use has changed after a year.

So, like this thing gets change right along with technology and the Web Development Company in San Francisco dealing with it must always be ready to adapt the change on time.

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In What Way one can create a Successful Mobile Application?

Nowadays, due to advancements in technology, the mobile app market is expanding by leaps and it is becoming more competitive. To ensure the visibility of your app, it is necessary to focus on the approach followed for the development of the mobile app. It is beneficial to follow a systemic approach to create a successful mobile application.

Here, in this article, we have summarized a few steps to create a successful mobile application.

Step 1:

  • Generate an idea before start developing a mobile application.
  • Try to identify a problem that your app can resolve.
  • Have a clear understanding of the feature you want to have in your application.
  • The app you create should be beneficial for the customers and reduce costs via enhancing productivity.

Step 2:

  • Identify and clear all the basic requirements before you start creating a successful mobile application.
  • Whatsoever the app you build should always be developed by keeping in mind the target users of an application. Having a clear vision regarding the target group boosts the success rate of the application.
  • The app you create should be able to support mobile platforms. The mobile devices and platforms need to be selected by keeping the hardware performance, the battery life in the mind. There are various other factors to consider while selecting the mobile platform and devices.
  • Day by day the application market is gaining importance. So, to create a good app and generate revenue, the developer of the app needs to select the appropriate approach by following the app.
  • To generate revenue, there are various models like paid applications, advertisements, and subscriptions. All these models can be used for generating revenue from the application. It is necessary to consult the right developers for developing an application. Even, it is necessary to focus more on attracting the user and spend money only on the required aspects of the application.

Step 3:

  • Designing plays a major role and is a significant factor responsible for the success of an application. Keep one thing in mind that good design means good discoverability. The developer you choose should focus more on the UI design to create a successful app.
  • It is beneficial to emphasis more on the UI design of an app, as it plays a very crucial role in the success of the application. Design plays an important role and is becoming popular because it creates an instant impact on the mind of the users.

Step 4:

  • Here, it is your duty to see whether to develop native, hybrid, or web applications for the business. It is highly important to select the right approach for developing the app. Well, the app development approach must be based on the time and budget of a client. The apps are of three types native, web, and hybrid. It depends on your business which to select for developing an app.
  • Native: Proper time and skills are required to develop native apps. They are platform-specific so require a knowledgeable person to build. Lots of money is required to create the app and deliver the highest user experience amongst all the approaches.
  • Web: These apps are cheap, easy to develop, and can run on multiple platforms. The languages used for developing these applications include HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript code. Keep one thing in mind that web apps are not as powerful as native apps.
  • Hybrid: It is the last and trending approach to develop an application where the developer expands the web code with the native language to create distinctive features.

So, like this by following all the above-mentioned steps one can easily develop IOS and Android App by hiring a Mobile App Development company.

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Why Python is Growing So Quickly – Future Trends

Python programming language is not young, but with Python, there are no limits. Tech giants such as Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, and Uber have used Python to build their mobile and desktop applications. The stack overflow graph of major programming languages’ growth depicts the steady upliftment of the PYTHON.   

Stack Overflow can provide a reasonable indicator of trends in programming languages because the site attracts about 40 million visitors a month, of which an estimated 16.8 million visitors are professional developers and university-level students.

Python is a production-based language meant for enterprise and first-class projects, and it has a rich history. It can be used for just about anything, which is why it is considered so versatile. You can build Raspberry Pi applications, scripts for desktop programs and configure servers all via Python, but it is not limited to just those tasks.

There are various attributes of this programming tool which has provided it with an amazing successful journey. Python has a major role in the latest technologies of current and future times like ML and AI. The fact that it is not a complex language is important. Many web designers place less emphasis on conventional syntax, which makes it easier to work with, even for Web Development Company. Because it’s considered truly universal and used to meet various development needs, it’s a language that offers a lot of options to programmers.

Django, for instance, is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Flask is another Python web framework built with a small core and easy-to-extend philosophy. Flask is considered more Pythonic than Django because Flask web application code is in most cases more explicit. Flask is easy to get started with as a beginner because there is little boilerplate code for getting a simple app up and running.

There are many Python tools for analytics and data science such as Scikit-Learn, Theano, etc. which deem it perfect to work in the field of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Also, Python is used with big data using tools such as Pandas, PySpark, etc. There are many famous Web Frameworks in Python that can be used according to the project requirements. If the project is complicated with multiple features, it is better to use a full-stack framework.

Programming languages that lack documentation and developer support do not farewell. Python has been around for quite some time, so there is plenty of documentation, guides, tutorials, and more. Plus, the developer community is incredibly active. That means any time someone needs help or support; they can get it promptly.

The 72,000+ libraries in the Python Package Index is a major reason that developers prefer Python for data analysis. Besides, the Python Data Analysis Library, called Pandas, is used to import data and conduct time-series analysis. Python’s extensive open-source community has also created several popular, task-specific libraries.

Working on future technology, AI is dominated by python. It helps in reducing the efforts of the human brain. From speech recognition to data interpretation, python has taken AI to skies of incredible success. Neural networks and machine learning are some of the AI branches which brightens up the python future. 

As per the Stack Overflow trend, the industry with the highest amount of Python traffic (by a substantial margin) is the academic world, comprised of schools and universities. Academic researchers make up most of the high traffic to Python from universities. They work round the year. Python is prevalent in many other industrial public sectors as well. It is also the programming language of choice in the electronics and manufacturing industries. The future looks bright for Python.

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Design Tips to Increase Satisfaction in Banking Apps

  1. Focus on your target audience

It takes a lot of work to provide the kind of seamless mobile banking experiences that consumers want. Retail banking consumers now prefer using their mobile devices more than any other bank interaction, which makes a mobile app a primary component of overall customer satisfaction. Mobile banking users engage with their devices with specific needs in mind. Their digital experience needs to be personalized, efficient, and enjoyable to keep them engaged. Mobile and online user experience design focuses on providing solutions to immediate needs with the least amount of friction … improving satisfaction, sales, and revenue.

  1. Enable decision making for customers

With consumers expressing interest in opening loan accounts and checking accounts online, you do not want a poor UX to be the reason revenue opportunities are left on the table or customers leave for a competitor. That is where UX design comes into play. It is not just about the color of your app or the flow of your website; it is about everything that encompasses a user experience. It requires extensive research, testing, and validation – data that can help you make informed decisions and empower your bank or credit union to provide a positive UX that spans both digital and physical.

  1. Easy Login

Biometric logins such as fingerprint, face, or voice can facilitate a client’s access to their account. Some banks give the user the ability to customize their application experience to their needs making each visit one that addresses their specific needs.

  1. Features for personalization and transaction history search

Most banking apps default to filtering transaction history by date. Giving the user the ability to search their account is one more way to facilitate finding that specific transaction they have in mind.

  1. Offering chatbot recommendations

Your customer signs into a banking app that includes a virtual assistant (or chatbot). The customer’s account history, such as when they pay for bills or other items, would be securely and anonymously analyzed to provide contextual information for the chatbot. This chatbot, with an intelligent backend and some natural language processing, could then make personalized recommendations. If that consumer made a large purchase on a debit card that is going to result in a checking account overdraft, the chatbot could recommend transferring money from savings to avoid the bounce.

  1. Use data to inform your design

Data impacts design, design drives conversions, and conversions result in revenue. With this as the foundation, as a Web Designing Company, we ground our design-based decisions in data. As a company that believes in exemplifying what a positive user experience should look like, you must also encourage frequent consumer engagement. Your organization has ample opportunities to make design decisions that are backed by data. From identifying the capabilities your customers might want to help them to make decisions, the data you have can provide the experience they want (and expect) from companies today. By simplifying the consumer’s daily financial life, these data-backed design decisions can also help your organisation achieve its sales, satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue goals.