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Top 10 Most in-Demand Programming Languages of the Future 2020

There are hundreds of programming languages in the world. Most of these languages are widely used but there are a few that may become of no use in the coming years.

Here are 10 programming languages that may be used and be in demand in the year 2020 for tech companies, including an app development company.

1.       Python

Python is one of the most important programming languages for the future. Just this year, Python has been adopted by several organizations, even a web development company in San Francisco.Python is a programming language that is usually learnt first and widely used in app development.

2.       Java Script

Besides Python, JavaScript is another widely used programming language. It is widely used on the side of the servers as well as client and this versatility gives it the popularity among other languages.

3.       Java

Another popular language used in android app development is Java. Java is a high-level programming language which has the purpose to keep things simple and understandable. Despite that, there is a fall of usage of Java in 2019 but it’s mostly used in most fortune 500 companies which could be in demand in 2020.

4.       Kotlin

With its similarities to Java, it has made things easier for Android developers to switch between the programming. Kotlin developers prefer the front-end and back-end programming which gives users the flexibility as well as the ease to write the code efficiently.

5.       PHP

Despite PHP being seen as dying programming due to hype around new technologies, there is still a huge demand for PHP developers. With over 75 million websites running WordPress, someone needs to build custom plugins and provide technical support.

6.       C/C++

These are the programming languages that make your computer fundamentals clearer by using memory management, pointers and object-oriented programming. Although C/C++ is somewhat a complicated language to learn, learning it may make other languages much easier to master.

7.       Rust

Rust is similar to C/C++ but it provides better performance as well as memory safety. Rust supports multiple programming paradigms and focuses on safety. There have been four years of a steady increase in the usage of Rust and it may become more mainstream in 2020.

8.       C#

C# is sort of like a cross-breed between C and C++. It is a programming language used extensively for backend programming. It’s mainly used to build Windows mobile phone apps. Besides that, C# is also widely preferred by game developers with its good balance between performance and easy coding.

9.       Typescript

Typescript is an open-sourced programming language that provides an easy interface, templating as well as other features similar to most programming languages. Proficiency with Javascript will make Typescript easier to master.

10.   GoLang

This is one of the more modern and popular programming languages these days, best known for its performance and efficiency. With easier syntax, it is much easier to read, write and maintain coding.

And there you have it, 10 programming languages that should be on your radar in the coming 2020.

By Sandeep Chauhan

Sandeep Chauhan is a Software Developer at plancoders. He loves to build beautiful Mobile Apps, and Websites.

In the past, he has worked in companies like OpenText, Intel, CenturyLink, and Walmart Labs.

He is the founding CTO of Dealsite (prev WorkingGroupLink), GoPetie, and HRaspirin. Sandeep created the first version of (prev Docademic), and helped develop ScaleLab product.

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