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6 Reasons Why You Should Create React Native Apps In 2020

React Native is a widely held in trend cross platform framework developed by Facebook for iOS and android which is fronting the list of developers worldwide despite facing fierce competition in 2020. React native apps have shown the potential to thrive in the market since they are cost effective and being a promise of lofty revenues. It is a well-known framework in the market for developing apps that disrupt industries. Most popular apps like Skype, Instagram, Walmart, SoundCloud Pulse, Tesla, Airbnb, Uber Eats and many others have been built using React Native framework. This makes a case for all budding entrepreneurs to follow suit. We bring you 6 solid reasons on why you must create React Native apps in 2020:

1.      Reusable Code

The React Native framework allows you to deploy the same reusable code for iOS and Android app development to be used on both platforms, saving the time required for app development. There is no need to depend on different languages like Java, C++, Swift, etc. A JavaScript developer well versed with native UI library, APIs and hybrid app development can work on creating a react native app.

2.      Faster Development, Less Cost

With React Native framework you can transfer codes across various mobile platforms which is to say that a React Native App developed for iOS can also be developed for Android with minor changes only. Because of the use of a single code, the time required for the development of the app is minimized. It is estimated that the time taken for a React Native app development is about 33% less than the time involved in developing native Android and iOS apps.When it comes to optimizing the performance of mobile apps, react native is a real asset that can optimize performance through modules and native control. 

3.    Improvement in Accessibility

React Native framework has improved a lot in terms of accessibility. Approximately 60% release has come up with multiple changes to improve accessibility for both Android as well as iOS platform.

4.    Amazing User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UE)

React Native apps are designed to maximize user experience. These apps load quickly and are easy to navigate across.Mobile apps developed using React Native framework, function as good as a native app. UI of React Native apps consist of native widgets that perform seamlessly. With React Native even the most complex apps run smoothly. Thus, to create React Native apps is the best option for businesses to stand-out in the market while spending less.

5.    Less Memory Consumption

React Native Apps proffers compatibility with 3rd party plug-ins, hence you do not have to rely on WebView for adding certain functionalities like Google Maps to your app. React Native helps you link the plug-in with a native module and use device tasks like zoom, rotate, etc. All this is possible with lower memory usage and thus faster loading of the app.

6.    Auto-Linking for Operating System

React Native has major headways in auto-lining of operating systems. You can re-use the code once written. React Native’s libraries comprise of platform-specific and native code. This newest addition modifies your app creation project to find and thus, makes it possible to use that code once more.

By Sandeep Chauhan

Sandeep Chauhan is a Software Developer at plancoders. He loves to build beautiful Mobile Apps, and Websites.

In the past, he has worked in companies like OpenText, Intel, CenturyLink, and Walmart Labs.

He is the founding CTO of Dealsite (prev WorkingGroupLink), GoPetie, and HRaspirin. Sandeep created the first version of (prev Docademic), and helped develop ScaleLab product.

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