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How to Make Your Mobile App Viral?

Every mobile app developer needs to devise and define strategies to create a market buzz and deliver a fertile ground of exposure for the mobile app to kick off once it is introduced in the market. Only when the app goes viral, can you see it stream the kind of money you intended for it bring. This is the reason why most mobile app developers hire Digital Marketing Companies to sharpen their sight on how to create a viral app.

The primary prerequisite is to determine whether your product fits well enough in the market. If you satisfy your target market with the quality service they seek out from your app, you are set to work on soaring a height in this zone. The most trouble-free way to get this done is to assess the number of Retained Active Users (RAU). This is the percentage of users who download your app and stay active on it. For every 1000 people who download your app today, 40–50% of them would uninstall the app immediately and over time other users will do the same as per statistics.Your goal is to flatten out the curve and keep at least 20% of the users active. Some of the very best apps have consistently maintained 40–50% retention.

The main goal of viral marketing is to make people share a piece of information with one another mimicking the spread of a virus – from person to person. Your app should do same.For this purpose, you should include social sharing functions within different levels or layers into the app. Once users achieve a certain milestone, prompt them to share it.

It is also good to do some user testing after the initial stages of app designing and coding. Knowing how a smaller population sample feels about your product, and how they respond to it, gives you an added benefit and frame of reference to refine your app.

In order to get more downloads and to go viral, you may also want to learn about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and App Store Optimization (ASO). To put it simply ASO is the process of optimizing apps to rank higher in the search results of app stores.Make sure you have a proper ASO.One could divide the ranking factors into 2 groups Pre-Release ASO and Post-Release ASO. The better you make those factors, the greater the viral spread it will generate. For this, you will have to master keyword research, understand your competition, plan your site and accordingly optimise it.

Create a Viral Marketing Campaign. This may be done by promoting the app on websites, email marketing campaigns, social media platforms, by creating In-app and online ads and by developing a Public Relations Strategy. Many app developers also take to networking their app through influential bloggers for documenting what new your app brings to the context. Send brief layouts with a link to your app and make the request to write on it if liked. This would also give you feedback early on. You can coordinate their posts along the time of your app release and make the app better visible publicly with a little attentive effort.

Web And App Development

How Do You Pick The Right CMS For Your Business?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software application or set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content. It is said to be the backbone of your Digital Experience Delivery.  No matter how great your content is, if your CMS can’t display and manage it right, the content will not have nearly half the impact it warrants.

Selecting an apt CMS for your business is a crucial and yet unnerving decision. It is important to recognise early on that the business development speed is not supposed to dictate your business moves. Make sure your content management solution (CMS) enables your teams to focus on implementing campaigns and strategies that increase web traffic instead of spending excessive amounts of time on managing the technology.

1.      Know your needs – CMS selection and buying process should always be triggered fundamentally by as a strategic concern and not as an alternative to software issue. The replacement of a software is important only when you have empirically established what activities on your website have the greatest impact, i.e., personalization, email campaigns, chat, etc. Have a clear idea why and how the current tools are holding you back.

2.      Lean on habitual patterns – the usage pattern describes every user’s interaction with your web product and content and helps marginalize a system that propels you to achieve a business objective. These patterns speak of requirements that define the most preferred product design and gives them greater meaning and context.

3.      Delegate a team of stakeholders that is involved in CMS decision – Members with expertise on IT, Marketing and Sales all have important role in CMS deployment.

4.      Deciding what CMS to use is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll have to make forthright. Your options will be

·         On-premise solution

·         Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, or

·         Hosted solution

On-premise CMS

With an on-premise CMS, you will need to buy a license from the vendor and install the software on your own servers or your hosting provider’s servers. The CMS provider is only responsible for maintaining and updating the software; everything from installation to security, and infrastructure upgrades will be handled by you. Examples of this CMS solution are WordPress and Drupal.


A Software as a Service Solution (SaaS) CMS solution works like Google Docs or Gmail. There is nothing to install, update or maintain. The CMS provider takes care of all technical issues so you can focus on creating and managing content.You usually buy a subscription and pay on a monthly basis for your use of the CMS. There is normally no long-term contract or upfront costs before deployment. The Software is pre-built and you benefit from the ongoing enhancements and improvements made by the vendors. Examples of this CMS solution are Core dna and CrownPeak

Cloud Hosted CMS

With a cloud hosted solution, you will need to buy a license then install the software at a data center or web host where you will lease server space. This works just like an on-premise CMS, except that it is installed on third-party servers you don’t directly own.Typically, any on-premise solution can also be a hosted solution provided the web host meets the server requirements. Examples of hosted solutions are Hostway and WPEngine.

Web And App Development

The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Front end Development In 2020

As we reach the threshold of this decade, it is certainly time to look back into the time to see how much we have grown. Particularly when it comes to technological advancements, the decade in which we are about to enter in the next few weeks brings in a gamut of opportunities which are likely to play an influential and elemental role in the professional life of a developer.

Web development was a concept which gained importance only in this decade and the reason was the rise of e-commerce. However, 2020 certainly looks promising enough as web development becomes more nuanced and intricate with the latest trends in front end development aspect of web development. The following shall summaries some of the coolest trends to watch out for in 2020. Excerpts are from a conversation with specialists at a reputed web development company in the USA.

The ABC of front end development

Before diving deeper into the topic, let us address and facilitate a quick recall for the concept. This aspect of web development is subject to frequent changes which are primarily due to the emergence of newer technologies, libraries, etc. new frameworks are being implemented which is resulting in the depletion or obsolescence of the current applications.

More focus on user experience

The upcoming year and the entire decade, in general, shall be dedicated to the high end-user experience when it comes to frontend developing. With most of the renowned and major brands have realised the importance of a satisfied user, more focus is being invested in enhancing the user experience. This focus is in the form of content follow-ups, prompt feedback on part of the customer and the changes in the organisational structure to make the overall process more transparent.

Presentation and functionality shall go hand in hand

Front end development is supposed to be an interactive experience. Until and unless the user is not able to test and evaluate the performance, he shall not be able to take a certain decision. 2020 makes the frontend developers quite hopeful in the sense that the year shall not be focusing on the redundancy of the codes but in place, shall get a chance to redesign the interface and enhance the scalability of the client’s idea.

Developers who are a jack of all trades

In addition to the individual profession of frontend and backend development, it is essential to get acquainted with the latest trend that is likely to stay. Well, by combining the expertise of frontend and backend developers, the web developers these days are looking for a solution to reduce the redundant task and loss of time and labour.

Specific programs and applications are to be designed in the next few years which shall act as the perfect onset of a robust designing era. Moreover, this also brings in morefunctionality in the field of web development as the developers are expected to know multiple skills all at once. While the frontend technologies keep on changing with time, most backend techniques are timeless.

Thus, with the changes in the functioning of the industry and the onset of newer trends, a new web designing company in the block must be more careful and alert than ever to keep pace with these developments. 

Web And App Development

Reasons For Developing A Mobile App For An Online Business

With the advent of new technology day-by-day, one can notice a shifting of portrayal every now and again. There was a time when only bigger companies went on to launch their business online, but now initiating a start-up online is on-trend. The main reason is cited as the minimum requirement of resources. You don’t have to worry about space, manpower or other physical entities for the same. A good website paired with a good marketing strategy would suffice the initial growth of your revenue.Website designing company in San Francisco has a good record of providing an optimized website.

But, in this constantly changing world, even websites have been replaced by a more handy alternative.Mobile app development has indeed taken the internet by storm. Every e-commerce business, nowadays, has successfully introduced their respective apps and are ruling the market. Mobile app development in San Francisco is a good platform that can be used to launch your own app.But before that let us delve into answering the most common question- Why should you develop a mobile application for your business?

I.Be visible– With the installation of your business app, you would stay visible when the customer scrolls or scans their devices. This would give you an extra benefit as they would not forget your app’s name and will revisit soon.

II.Brand establishment– Repeated interaction with your customer leads to the generation of a good amount of trust for your brand. This further improves the chances of them sticking to your brand and even spreading the word to their friends.

III.Staying in constant touch with your customers– This is probably the best reason why you should have an app. Push notifications, alert messages and in-app pop-ups are some of the splendid ways to maintain effective contact with your customers.Nothing can beat the availability of customer service 24×7.

IV.Getting invaluable customer insights– An app can provide you with data that can help you in improving your services. The collection of data would show stats about your most favorable demographic segments or areas that need improvement and the ones that meet the customer’s requirements. An analysis of these could help you find loopholes and a direction for rectification.

 V.Promising marketing with personalized suggestions- A smartphone is capable of collecting personal data from your consumers like their location, spending habits, interests, etc.. You can use these to show personalized suggestions thus allowing you to focus on your target customers only. This would give you great help when launching your marketing campaign.

VI.Sync user’s email and social media accounts-Your app are capable of syncing with the email and social media accounts, which will further give you good data for doing detailed analytics.

VII.No issues of slow loading– It is more likely that a potential customer would leave your website if it takes longer time to load. However, no such issues can be encountered with the app. It can be used to show your content in a faster and more attractive way.