Sandeep Chauhan is a Senior Software Developer at anyaplha. He loves to create software solutions for businesses and startups. His expertise includes developing beautiful mobile apps and web applications.

Sandeep started his professional career as an Software Engineer. Since then, he has worked in the Engineering organizations of companies like OpenText (acq Vignette), Intel, CenturyLink, and Walmart Labs (acq Adchemy).

After spending several years at multiple companies, Sandeep started providing software solutions to businesses. During this phase, he developed products for numerous startups as well as for large corporations. Some of his technology products are currently used in Prime Group, Warmington, Barclays, Safeway, and ColonialLife.

Sandeep has founded / co-founded quite a few startups in the past few years. Some of these companies raised millions of $$, while others have already achieved profitability. He was the founding CTO of Dealsite (prev WorkingGroupLink), GoPetie, and HRaspirin. Sandeep created the first version of Doc.com (prev Docademic), and helped develop ScaleLab product.

Sandeep lives in San Francisco – Bay Area with his wife, 2 year old son, and a dog. They love to hike and bike in the summer.

My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sandeepchauhan1001

What People Say

Detailed oriented individual with a keep eye on the long term objective.

Abhishek R.

Excellent communication skills. Deep knowledge of technology.

Tiffany B.

Easy to talk with, and get things done. Very professional.

Eric D.

Let’s build something together.