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The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Front end Development In 2020

As we reach the threshold of this decade, it is certainly time to look back into the time to see how much we have grown. Particularly when it comes to technological advancements, the decade in which we are about to enter in the next few weeks brings in a gamut of opportunities which are likely to play an influential and elemental role in the professional life of a developer.

Web development was a concept which gained importance only in this decade and the reason was the rise of e-commerce. However, 2020 certainly looks promising enough as web development becomes more nuanced and intricate with the latest trends in front end development aspect of web development. The following shall summaries some of the coolest trends to watch out for in 2020. Excerpts are from a conversation with specialists at a reputed web development company in the USA.

The ABC of front end development

Before diving deeper into the topic, let us address and facilitate a quick recall for the concept. This aspect of web development is subject to frequent changes which are primarily due to the emergence of newer technologies, libraries, etc. new frameworks are being implemented which is resulting in the depletion or obsolescence of the current applications.

More focus on user experience

The upcoming year and the entire decade, in general, shall be dedicated to the high end-user experience when it comes to frontend developing. With most of the renowned and major brands have realised the importance of a satisfied user, more focus is being invested in enhancing the user experience. This focus is in the form of content follow-ups, prompt feedback on part of the customer and the changes in the organisational structure to make the overall process more transparent.

Presentation and functionality shall go hand in hand

Front end development is supposed to be an interactive experience. Until and unless the user is not able to test and evaluate the performance, he shall not be able to take a certain decision. 2020 makes the frontend developers quite hopeful in the sense that the year shall not be focusing on the redundancy of the codes but in place, shall get a chance to redesign the interface and enhance the scalability of the client’s idea.

Developers who are a jack of all trades

In addition to the individual profession of frontend and backend development, it is essential to get acquainted with the latest trend that is likely to stay. Well, by combining the expertise of frontend and backend developers, the web developers these days are looking for a solution to reduce the redundant task and loss of time and labour.

Specific programs and applications are to be designed in the next few years which shall act as the perfect onset of a robust designing era. Moreover, this also brings in morefunctionality in the field of web development as the developers are expected to know multiple skills all at once. While the frontend technologies keep on changing with time, most backend techniques are timeless.

Thus, with the changes in the functioning of the industry and the onset of newer trends, a new web designing company in the block must be more careful and alert than ever to keep pace with these developments. 

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Reasons For Developing A Mobile App For An Online Business

With the advent of new technology day-by-day, one can notice a shifting of portrayal every now and again. There was a time when only bigger companies went on to launch their business online, but now initiating a start-up online is on-trend. The main reason is cited as the minimum requirement of resources. You don’t have to worry about space, manpower or other physical entities for the same. A good website paired with a good marketing strategy would suffice the initial growth of your revenue.Website designing company in San Francisco has a good record of providing an optimized website.

But, in this constantly changing world, even websites have been replaced by a more handy alternative.Mobile app development has indeed taken the internet by storm. Every e-commerce business, nowadays, has successfully introduced their respective apps and are ruling the market. Mobile app development in San Francisco is a good platform that can be used to launch your own app.But before that let us delve into answering the most common question- Why should you develop a mobile application for your business?

I.Be visible– With the installation of your business app, you would stay visible when the customer scrolls or scans their devices. This would give you an extra benefit as they would not forget your app’s name and will revisit soon.

II.Brand establishment– Repeated interaction with your customer leads to the generation of a good amount of trust for your brand. This further improves the chances of them sticking to your brand and even spreading the word to their friends.

III.Staying in constant touch with your customers– This is probably the best reason why you should have an app. Push notifications, alert messages and in-app pop-ups are some of the splendid ways to maintain effective contact with your customers.Nothing can beat the availability of customer service 24×7.

IV.Getting invaluable customer insights– An app can provide you with data that can help you in improving your services. The collection of data would show stats about your most favorable demographic segments or areas that need improvement and the ones that meet the customer’s requirements. An analysis of these could help you find loopholes and a direction for rectification.

 V.Promising marketing with personalized suggestions- A smartphone is capable of collecting personal data from your consumers like their location, spending habits, interests, etc.. You can use these to show personalized suggestions thus allowing you to focus on your target customers only. This would give you great help when launching your marketing campaign.

VI.Sync user’s email and social media accounts-Your app are capable of syncing with the email and social media accounts, which will further give you good data for doing detailed analytics.

VII.No issues of slow loading– It is more likely that a potential customer would leave your website if it takes longer time to load. However, no such issues can be encountered with the app. It can be used to show your content in a faster and more attractive way.

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These Are the Coolest Mobile App Trends to Watch Out for in the Upcoming Year

Mobile apps are defining the current state of technology and also influencing the future course of events. Almost every product, service and company has an app dedicated to itself on play store. The advent of applications and their relevance has become so deep-rooted that most app development companies are thinking of ways to make the entire process of app development quicker, efficient and more accommodating.

As we step into a new decade, it would be interesting to get acquainted with some of the latest app trends that you, as a Mobile App Development Company can include in your post-it’s as the New Year resolution!

Making through the clutter with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been serving a purpose as part of several ventures. However, in terms of app development, the role of AI is much more than just reducing the technical hassles. With the help of artificial intelligence, businesses in the present times are able to extend their customer relationship policies and schemes.

The use of this technology has proved to be of great help for the app development companies for they ensure better customer support and prompt solution of the issues. Moreover, it can also help the company to create a database with the aid of which, the company can focus on marketing based on customer needs.

Chatbots are the latest example of AI that needs to be maneuverer well for the purpose of easy and swift compliance with customer needs. Chatbots can be the answer to the endless customer queries and the dilemma faced by the company in resolving them.

The sophistication of the payment gateways

Payment gateways are the smartest gift of technology which have added to the quantum of the online transactions. However, threats like phishing and malware hamper the success of these payment gateways. Therefore, as a company who strives for growth and success, you must learn about how to make use of these payment gateways for smooth and riskless transactions.

Mobile wallets are also the coming-of-age technology which must definitely be considered as part of the payment methods. An increasing number of apps are introducing their own wallets in which the customers can store money for present and future use.

Location-based personalisation

Everyone wants to feel special. No one wants to be one among the many but wants to be one of a kind. It is exactly here that marketing services need to target the customer. Most app these days are interested in knowing the whereabouts of the customer which further helps them to personalise their services.

For instance, the giant pizza chain offering you special discounts in your city or keeping you updated about their new store launches in your area helps the customer to remember the product and maintain the top of the mind approach.

On the whole, the New Year shall bring in new opportunities for every Website Development Company. Stay tuned for the latest updates and trends in app development.

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The Strategic Use Of AI In Enhancing The Consumer Experience

The impact and role of artificial intelligence are incomparable and irreplaceable in recent times. The advancements in technology have entrusted the machines with the power to think and we, as consumers, could not have asked for better.

From helping us find the right product to assisting us through the purchase decision and resolving our grievances, various models of AI have constantly helped consumers to avoid the hassles and get done with their business in a jiffy.

As we step into a new decade of technology, let us have a look at some of the most creative ways in which Artificial Intelligence can be incorporated to improve the consumer experience and how an App Development Company can take tips from some of the best examples-

Form a personal connect

Users these days are flooded with loads of information. Amidst all this clutter, it is possible that the user might skip on your content or product or services. It is because of this reason that it becomes important to personalise the experience for the user and help them in the purchase decision.

With the help of state of the art artificial intelligence, it has become possible to create personalised recommendations for the users. Ever wondered how Netflix offers a ‘recommended for you’ and how it keeps people glued to the app? Well, it is all because of AI which allows Netflix to be the key player in the competition.

Ready customer support

AI offers something which is certainly beyond humans. It offers round the clock availability and prompt replies which is something that is essential for customer relationship management. For instance, if you have a food app and a customer places a query at midnight, a prompt reply on behalf of the app shall help the consumer and will also add to the dependability of the app.

Giving prompt replies to the questions of the customers is beyond the reach of staff members and it is exactly where AI swoops in.  Round the clock support and 24*7 help desk is something which shall allow the customer to continue business on the app without the slightest of the hassle. Moreover, it shall also inch the customer closer to the point of purchase. On the whole, a smart and strategic AI shall certainly raise the stakes for your startup!

Quit the queue

One thing that irritates the customers the most is the long queues. Whether you have an app or a store, having a clutter-free experience shall certainly allow you to establish yourself in the competition. As per predictions, by the year 2020, 85% of the relationships with customers will be managed in the absence of humans. This means that AIs have a huge chip on their shoulders in the coming decade.

Customers these days do not want to wait or be the ‘next’ in line. If you try and put them on hold for too long, you might have to lose them forever. A Web Development Company must understand the importance of AIs during the development stage to stay ahead of the adversaries. 

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Decoding Node.Js: Top 5 Things to Know About the Run time System

Back in the year 2009, Ryan Dahl made a huge buzz in the programming industry with the launch of node.js. This open-source runtime environment was huge because of several reasons. Not only was it cross-platform which accounted for its reliability but at the same time, it was also capable of executing JavaScript outside the browser.

Almost a decade has passed since the introduction of the environment and it is still winning the hearts of budding developers and programmers. Here are our top picks which can be credited for the popularity of the system among the programmers-

Ease of development and execution

The technological world is advancing by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, people have options and alternatives for everything. Especially when it comes to the choice of OS which forms an essential part of the phones, laptops, tablets and computers, there is a wide variety of options present.

While this is fascinating for the user, it can get tedious for the developer. However, not with the use of node.js. When using this system for website development, all that you need to do is learn how to use JavaScript and you be able to create websites which are relevant for all platforms, irrespective of their technicalities.

Being the best

JSON which is a popular format for data exchange is the major aim for the development of node.js. The format allows you to construct API without the slightest of the hassles.

Access to the best library

Who does not love a well-maintained library! Whether it is the library for books or codes, the reaction it invokes in the minds of an enthusiast of the niche is the same. In the form of Node Package Manager, node.js allows you to manage and get access to the large library of dependencies.

This feature is of great help if the developer is working on a small scale because the developer can maximize the output by implementing better packages of their projects, thus maximizing the utility and functionality of their projects.

No price tag on knowledge

On a philosophical level, the platform certainly encourages the sharing and receiving of knowledge among the developers. This makes the system a great platform for the new age developers whereby they can share their innovations with fellow developers while learning from the experiences of other developers as well.

Fragmentation makes it simpler

A major reason why most companies are opting to provide node.js development services is because of the high degree of sophistication achieved on account of fragmentation. The system divides the overall framework into several small fractions which certainly allow the developer to make the overall output lighter.

As a developer, you can choose to either make use of these fragments together or choose the ones that are required. This speeds up the entire work without adding to the size of the output.

Thus, according to a reputed Website Development Company in San Francisco, an increasing number of companies are preferring to make use of the node.js system for its ease of use and multiplicity of features.

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Ensuring Safety And Security Of Online Transactions: Tips On How To Keep The Transactions On Internet Safe

E-commerce is an industry which is gradually deepening its roots because of the extreme convenience and ease it offers. Most millennials in recent times have adapted to the culture of online shopping, whether it comes to purchasing apparel or groceries or services like salons and cabs.

E-commerce certainly presents a ripe opportunity for entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about start-ups. However, before you get too excited about the idea, hold your horses and pay attention to an important element of e-commerce which forms the basis of the industry- the payment gateway.

Possible security threats

When it comes to online payments, most people are hesitant to try out new websites or apps for the very reason that they do not trust the payment structure and the apps with their bank credentials. Well, the reasons are quite obvious. With the increasing cases of phishing, malware, and whaling, an increasing number of people have become conscious of their online payments.

However, in this scenario, one can easily tap out the vast market if the online transaction system is made safe and secure. Here are some safety tips to ensure a smooth user experience on your app-

Store only the required data

Collecting data is an important part of e-commerce. Most websites and apps store the personal information of the users to personalise the experience for the users. As a developer, it becomes your duty to ensure that not all the information is collected by the app. The use of CTAs must be restricted so that the personal information of the user is not jeopardised. Details like credit card numbers and customer names should be kept confidential and not stored at all.

Stay updated with loopholes in security

If you are someone who wonders about the regular updates in the apps, then this is not for you. Well, with the help of regular and timely updates in your app, you can figure out the loopholes in the security network. If your app does not deploy timely updates, it can become a breeding ground for hackers who are ready to exploit their vulnerabilities.

Beware of fake apps

Developing fake apps is extremely easy and can be learned quite quickly. Hackers can also develop fake versions of your app and lure the customers into submitting their personal and sensitive information. In order to tackle this threat, you can make use of two-factor authentication which shall ensure that the customer is logging in to a legit app.

Creating strong passwords

If your app is in itself a payment gateway or exhibits an interface which requires the user to create a strong password, it is important to alert the consumer regarding the same. A strong password will allow your consumer to stay relieved and protected. Mention strictly in the guidelines that the password must be a combination of alphabet, numbers and symbols.

Security threats have turned into a menace and must be thwarted at all costs. A skilled E Commerce Development Company will always guide you about the best and most secure practices in the industry. 

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Top 10 Most in-Demand Programming Languages of the Future 2020

There are hundreds of programming languages in the world. Most of these languages are widely used but there are a few that may become of no use in the coming years.

Here are 10 programming languages that may be used and be in demand in the year 2020 for tech companies, including an app development company.

1.       Python

Python is one of the most important programming languages for the future. Just this year, Python has been adopted by several organizations, even a web development company in San Francisco.Python is a programming language that is usually learnt first and widely used in app development.

2.       Java Script

Besides Python, JavaScript is another widely used programming language. It is widely used on the side of the servers as well as client and this versatility gives it the popularity among other languages.

3.       Java

Another popular language used in android app development is Java. Java is a high-level programming language which has the purpose to keep things simple and understandable. Despite that, there is a fall of usage of Java in 2019 but it’s mostly used in most fortune 500 companies which could be in demand in 2020.

4.       Kotlin

With its similarities to Java, it has made things easier for Android developers to switch between the programming. Kotlin developers prefer the front-end and back-end programming which gives users the flexibility as well as the ease to write the code efficiently.

5.       PHP

Despite PHP being seen as dying programming due to hype around new technologies, there is still a huge demand for PHP developers. With over 75 million websites running WordPress, someone needs to build custom plugins and provide technical support.

6.       C/C++

These are the programming languages that make your computer fundamentals clearer by using memory management, pointers and object-oriented programming. Although C/C++ is somewhat a complicated language to learn, learning it may make other languages much easier to master.

7.       Rust

Rust is similar to C/C++ but it provides better performance as well as memory safety. Rust supports multiple programming paradigms and focuses on safety. There have been four years of a steady increase in the usage of Rust and it may become more mainstream in 2020.

8.       C#

C# is sort of like a cross-breed between C and C++. It is a programming language used extensively for backend programming. It’s mainly used to build Windows mobile phone apps. Besides that, C# is also widely preferred by game developers with its good balance between performance and easy coding.

9.       Typescript

Typescript is an open-sourced programming language that provides an easy interface, templating as well as other features similar to most programming languages. Proficiency with Javascript will make Typescript easier to master.

10.   GoLang

This is one of the more modern and popular programming languages these days, best known for its performance and efficiency. With easier syntax, it is much easier to read, write and maintain coding.

And there you have it, 10 programming languages that should be on your radar in the coming 2020.

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The Essentials Of a Strong Company Website

A website plays an essential role in taking the business forward these days. Most of the people nowadays prefer to have a look at the website of the company before dealing with the company. In this respect, the website of the company certainly does the job of adding trustworthiness and dependability to the name of the company. 

The starters of website designing

Website designing is a complex and intricate process. If the firm does a run of the mill job with the project, it might end up going downhill. Designing a website that does wonders for your firm is something that requires you to give s great deal of thought to the various elements. It not just includes the technical process but also encompasses the creative process as well. 

Domain dominates the space

The domain name of the company is the first piece of communication from the company and it is because of this reason that care must be taken in selecting it. The domain name must be reflective of the brand or the company so that the customer can develop an instant recall value. 

In addition to this, you must also take care of the fact the domain name chosen by you can be easily read and spelled. This shall make it easier for your audience to stay in touch with you or find you on the internet. 

Readability and legibility 

Next, the content on the website is what matters the most. People shall be visiting your website to get acquainted with the kind of products you have or the clientele that you serve. It is because of this reason that you must make sure to incorporate a font style that can be easily read and comprehended by the people. 

You can go for two different fonts, one for the main headings and the other for the subheadings but do not go for more than two fonts or else you might be creating a graffiti out of your website. Make sure to use a font like Calibri body or Arial for your body copy. If you try to make it more stylish, you might lose out on the legibility of the characters and the entire text in general. 

Search engine optimization

SEO is your fairy godmother when it comes to creating a digital fairy tale with your consumers. Make sure to use it well for boosting the popularity of your website. SEO, when done in the right manner, can increase your popularity of manifolds. 

However, draw a line between overusing the optimization of the website. For instance, stuffing the website with multiple keywords is not the way to rank your website higher. Instead, make use of google analytics to find out the trending keywords and make use of them to frame the right content. 

In totality, designing a website is not a task for the amateur. It is because of this that it would be preferred to hire a website development company that can take charge of your company’s reputation online. 

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Most Attractive Android & IOS App UX/UI Design Trends

The world of Android and IOS apps are competitive, with new apps and designs increasing with trends. For anyone in a Web Development Company, there is a great demand for attractive designs of UX/UI. A great UX/UI makes life easier and makes people want to use the app more. Here are some attractive designs trends for inspiration.

Simplified User Interface

The most attractive design trends for users are the simplification of the user’s view. A simple design would be a linear design where the users are able to complete all the steps in the app in one action.

Resolution for a full screen

This full-screen resolution method is made compatible with different phone types. It makes the compatibility of the app to match that of the phone’s screen.


An interface that is clutter-free and clean to be able to see every detail of the app without too many over-lapping details. It should be a simple enough design that can be done even by a Website Designing Company.

Intuitive functions

An app that is fun and intuitive is something that will catch the eyes of users. Simply by using a slider on the screen to control their physical items would be an attractive design trend that people would want.


Different type of apps needs different types of colours and these colors can influence a user’s choice in using the app. Examples of colors used in apps are such as focused with minimal color palettes, high-contrast colors used for a call-to-action button, bright color iconography and pastel, muted colors.

Emotional design

An app that invokes the positive emotions in its users can be an app that gains loyal users. It needs to be appealing, a pleasure to use and effective. An example would be Google and it’shidden Easter Eggs as well as its Doodle Google that everyone is in love with.

Voice usage

With the invention of Siri, Alexa and Google, voice recognition and speech are getting more traction in-app usages. It’s simpler for users to use voice and speech to command the app when their hands are tied and its seen as a convenient and quicker way to deliver results.

Personal user interface

Apps that use data and analysis from a user’s previous usage of the app to provide better and personally tailored results. By catering to the needs and preferences of the user, this makes an app that pleases everyone.

Augmented Reality

Another interesting and attractive design trend would be the implementation of Augmented Reality (AR). AR is set to replace VR as it allows users to immerse themselves in games. AR allows users to interact with the information provided in the app, instead of just viewing it.


Non-moving contents are less viewed and video contents are consumed more these days. But the kind of videos that gets people’s attention will be short videos with its information conveyed quickly before people lose interest.

Optimal navigation

An app or webpage that takes forever to load loses users interest immediately so a fast-loading webpage is an optimal design to choose from.

Although all these are important trends for UI/UX, the most important thing should be the content of the webpage or apps themselves. Technology changes and new trends will appear but as long as the content is interesting, any kinds of designs can be implemented.