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Decoding Node.Js: Top 5 Things to Know About the Run time System

Back in the year 2009, Ryan Dahl made a huge buzz in the programming industry with the launch of node.js. This open-source runtime environment was huge because of several reasons. Not only was it cross-platform which accounted for its reliability but at the same time, it was also capable of executing JavaScript outside the browser.

Almost a decade has passed since the introduction of the environment and it is still winning the hearts of budding developers and programmers. Here are our top picks which can be credited for the popularity of the system among the programmers-

Ease of development and execution

The technological world is advancing by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, people have options and alternatives for everything. Especially when it comes to the choice of OS which forms an essential part of the phones, laptops, tablets and computers, there is a wide variety of options present.

While this is fascinating for the user, it can get tedious for the developer. However, not with the use of node.js. When using this system for website development, all that you need to do is learn how to use JavaScript and you be able to create websites which are relevant for all platforms, irrespective of their technicalities.

Being the best

JSON which is a popular format for data exchange is the major aim for the development of node.js. The format allows you to construct API without the slightest of the hassles.

Access to the best library

Who does not love a well-maintained library! Whether it is the library for books or codes, the reaction it invokes in the minds of an enthusiast of the niche is the same. In the form of Node Package Manager, node.js allows you to manage and get access to the large library of dependencies.

This feature is of great help if the developer is working on a small scale because the developer can maximize the output by implementing better packages of their projects, thus maximizing the utility and functionality of their projects.

No price tag on knowledge

On a philosophical level, the platform certainly encourages the sharing and receiving of knowledge among the developers. This makes the system a great platform for the new age developers whereby they can share their innovations with fellow developers while learning from the experiences of other developers as well.

Fragmentation makes it simpler

A major reason why most companies are opting to provide node.js development services is because of the high degree of sophistication achieved on account of fragmentation. The system divides the overall framework into several small fractions which certainly allow the developer to make the overall output lighter.

As a developer, you can choose to either make use of these fragments together or choose the ones that are required. This speeds up the entire work without adding to the size of the output.

Thus, according to a reputed Website Development Company in San Francisco, an increasing number of companies are preferring to make use of the node.js system for its ease of use and multiplicity of features.