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Most Attractive Android & IOS App UX/UI Design Trends

The world of Android and IOS apps are competitive, with new apps and designs increasing with trends. For anyone in a Web Development Company, there is a great demand for attractive designs of UX/UI. A great UX/UI makes life easier and makes people want to use the app more. Here are some attractive designs trends for inspiration.

Simplified User Interface

The most attractive design trends for users are the simplification of the user’s view. A simple design would be a linear design where the users are able to complete all the steps in the app in one action.

Resolution for a full screen

This full-screen resolution method is made compatible with different phone types. It makes the compatibility of the app to match that of the phone’s screen.


An interface that is clutter-free and clean to be able to see every detail of the app without too many over-lapping details. It should be a simple enough design that can be done even by a Website Designing Company.

Intuitive functions

An app that is fun and intuitive is something that will catch the eyes of users. Simply by using a slider on the screen to control their physical items would be an attractive design trend that people would want.


Different type of apps needs different types of colours and these colors can influence a user’s choice in using the app. Examples of colors used in apps are such as focused with minimal color palettes, high-contrast colors used for a call-to-action button, bright color iconography and pastel, muted colors.

Emotional design

An app that invokes the positive emotions in its users can be an app that gains loyal users. It needs to be appealing, a pleasure to use and effective. An example would be Google and it’shidden Easter Eggs as well as its Doodle Google that everyone is in love with.

Voice usage

With the invention of Siri, Alexa and Google, voice recognition and speech are getting more traction in-app usages. It’s simpler for users to use voice and speech to command the app when their hands are tied and its seen as a convenient and quicker way to deliver results.

Personal user interface

Apps that use data and analysis from a user’s previous usage of the app to provide better and personally tailored results. By catering to the needs and preferences of the user, this makes an app that pleases everyone.

Augmented Reality

Another interesting and attractive design trend would be the implementation of Augmented Reality (AR). AR is set to replace VR as it allows users to immerse themselves in games. AR allows users to interact with the information provided in the app, instead of just viewing it.


Non-moving contents are less viewed and video contents are consumed more these days. But the kind of videos that gets people’s attention will be short videos with its information conveyed quickly before people lose interest.

Optimal navigation

An app or webpage that takes forever to load loses users interest immediately so a fast-loading webpage is an optimal design to choose from.

Although all these are important trends for UI/UX, the most important thing should be the content of the webpage or apps themselves. Technology changes and new trends will appear but as long as the content is interesting, any kinds of designs can be implemented.